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After that, he fielded a couple questions about the time he spent at the actual leprosarium he writes about in the novel, compared his experiences there to an earlier period living in refugee camps in Gaza, and discussed how the Japanese poetic forms of tonka and haiku influenced his writing style.Saunders works in a large variety of media, but is mainly known for work that encompasses painting and transversal media juxtaposition,.

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No such luck, even with helpful advice supplied by The Morning News Rosecrans Baldwin, who came with co-chief Andrew Womack to cheer on their contributing writer.

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After getting the first draft of my latest article turned in yesterday, I met up with Nadine at an Alphabet City bar called Club Apocalypse, where her friend Alexis hosts a reading series called Inner Monologues that seems to be centered around young, as-yet-unpublished writers.

Meanwhile, comic book artists Jeff Bone and Dave Sim are contributing original work for eBay auctions to raise relief funds.Unexpected: 11 Mysterious Stories Q16151 Unexplained Mysteries Q12000 Unfinished Dreams Q12001 Unfinished Portrait Of Jessica.Ms. Didion compared non-fiction writing to sculpture, in which you have a large unformed mass, your notes, your mountain of research, and your thoughts, at which you then chip away to give it shape.1 100 10 a069be2b2562bdb52330964a6d8c8402 PDF Text Text.Asked whether she wanted an autopsy of her husband, Joan Didion said yes.And yet the opening pages of Fabric are quite eloquent on how his fascination with the subatomic world was instigated in part by reading Camus as a young adolescent.

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I first became a fan of Jerome Charyn a decade ago when I came across paperback copies of the Isaac Sidel novels, hooked into their dream-like depiction of the blurred lines between cop and criminal in New York City.We were expecting Auchincloss to read from his latest novel, East Side Story, so the Significant Other was pleasantly surprised when he announced upon arriving at the podium that he would be reading from perhaps his most famous work, The Rector of Justin.Both sections from which she read were set in India -- first she recounted the difficulties she and a friend had catching a bus to Agra, followed by a journalistic passage in which she probed the tensions caused by the introduction of yoga techniques to the West by Iyengar (who was also her own yoga mentor while she was in India).

The Significant Other was equally moved, and after the reading was over we had both poets sign our books.Given the subject matter, I took the opportunity to begin the questioning by wondering how they felt about Hollywood adapting their work.Geoff Dyer represents for England, Israel sends Etgar Keret, and poet Rynn Williams delivers for the hometown crowd.Gallagher brings a very entertaining personality and sense of adventure to his account, and I think any nonfiction fan would get a big kick out of this.I went to the National Arts Club the other night for a poetry reading celebrating the 30th anniversary of the founding of Graywolf Press, co-hosted by the Poetry Society of America.

A poem about meeting Perry Como in the 1950s was written in the form of a pantoum, a Malay form employing interlocking repitition of whole lines, while she wrote about her mother using the ghazal.The schedule called for me to speak on two panels--a discussion of book reviewing with the staff of the Richmond Times-Dispatch, and then a blogging summit with Reb Livingston and Caroline Kettlewell.

If not, and you live in New York City, think about spending the evening at Magnetic Field in Brooklyn, where Sara Gran and Rebecca Donner will be reading from their novels along with four other writers, all to raise funds for the literary magazine Small Spiral Notebook.Last weekend, I went down to Richmond, Virginia for the James River Writers festival.Last night I went out to Williamsburg and the Brooklyn Brewery, which has a large space up front just perfect for group author events.Then, as Yannella tried to close up shop, Douglas made an effort to open the floor up to questions.

And now I must go back to asking those questions of my novel.Fellow writers Lauren Henderson and C.J. Carpenter also came around, and after the signing was over we all wound up walking over to a nearby restaurant for drinks and various antipasti.So when another report came in from Arkansas in January 2004, he went out to investigate and found himself canoeing in the bayou of the Cache River National Wildlife Refuge where, eventually, he and his partner saw an ivory-billed fly right in front of them.Brenda Wineapple, author of a new Hawthorne biography, began the evening by noting that despite being a canonical dead white male, his stock had never fallen. (When it was all through, at a small reception afterwards, I asked Wineapple why she, most famous for writing about the lives of 20th-century modernists, was interested in Hawthorne.Tracing the friendship that develops between two writers, Dixon piled one great sentence upon another to create long, cascading paragraphs of dialogue and memory.From there, a quick walk halfway down the block to Coliseum to see Stephanie Elizondo Griest read from Around the Bloc, in which she recounts her youthful adventures in Moscow, Beijing, and Havana.Then work your way a little further downtown to Happy Ending, where NYT favorite Benjamin Kunkel shares the microphone with fellow first-timers Owen King and Marcy Dermansky.

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Last night, I went to my first ever New York Review of Science Fiction reading to catch Gavin Grant and Kelly Link of Small Beer Press.Lee Robinson, a former lawyer who now lives on a 102-acre ranch in Texas, has won the Poets Out Loud prize for her first collection of poems, Hearsay.Then there was a passage about the Harvard Brain Bank, originally a Salon feature.Sara was joined by Caroline Leavitt, who read from her new novel, Girls in Trouble.Turns out that he was in Seattle last week on his book tour and, trying to make it back to New York in time for another reading here, got stuck on the runway at SeaTac for nearly two hours before American finally decided to cancel his flight.

So I hung out with her and her husband, poet David Hernandez, at one end of the bar, chatting about how the SoCal couple were enjoying their weeklong stay in Manhattan.One of them, Quinn Dalton, came up to town from North Carolina because she has an essay in Sex and Sensibility and the publisher was having a book party.Let me tell you: all readings from this day forward should include PowerPoint, Edward Tufte be damned.Sounds like Ian McEwan got off easy compared to Mishra, who was clearly still rattled by the experience--and the blue-city New York audience was sympathetically anxious for him as well.

Happy Ending host Amanda Stern paired Nathan off with family friend Gregory Maguire, who read excerpts from Son of a Witch, the forthcoming sequel to Wicked.Each of the three poets who read, by way of introducing Merwin, has a particular relationship with him and the poems they selected reflected that.He was joined by several hundred other admirers of the internationally bestselling Inspector Wallander novels for a rare American appearance by Swedish author Henning Mankell ( though some folks might have had trouble remembering his name ).

She pointed out, though, that life with Unbridled was completely different.The novel, which is the first in a project quartet of stories spanning four decades, has turned out to be even more relevant than Lewis might have anticipated.Every dime of the pay-what-you-want admission, book and CD sales, and bribes goes straight to the MusiCares Hurricane Relief Fund for displaced New Orleans musicians--it buys shelter, food, medicine, new instruments, and other necessities.The Venue Sounds Like a Video Game, But the Prose Was Strictly Literary.