Conference Series has taken the privilege of felicitating Food Technology 2016 Organizing Committee, Keynote Speakers who supported for the success of this event.This conference also includes key note presentation, oral presentation, poster presentation, workshops, symposiums, panel discussions and special sessions for supporting organizations.France has been one of the most dominant agricultural centers of Europe for centuries.The baby food industry is one of the fastest growing segments in the global food market.The market is expected to progress to a substantial extent since the target customers are the convenience seeking global population.The food losses which could be other wisely avoided puts a direct and drastic impact on the income of both producers and consumers.

Identifying with the current demand of the working population, companies across the globe are relentlessly putting in efforts to stir the otherwise stagnating food and FMCG industry.We received active participation from scientists, young and brilliant researchers, business delegates and talented student communities representing more than 32 countries, who have driven this event into the path of success.

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Mycotoxin contamination of cereals affecting technological quality of cereal-based products and health: Dr.Food control system includes all activities to ensure the quality, safety and honest presentation of the food that to from primary production, processing and storage, then to marketing and consumption.

These machines have massively increased farm output and dramatically changed the way people are employed and produce food worldwide.You will come across in global network of life scientists in academia, business and government is being targeted to generate a highly qualified audience from the nutrition, food, biology and medicine communities.Nutrition conferences, nutrition meetings organizing at Dublin, Ireland, will bring global experts from America(USA) Europe,Asia pacific and middle east to address.Calendar of Key International Conferences. 2016 International Conference on Food Studies. 2017: XV International Conference on Food Science and Biotechnology.The study of chemical processes and interactions of all organic and inorganic components of foods is called Food chemistry.The food industry is a complex, global collective of diverse businesses that supply most of the food consumed by the world population.

It is related to biochemistry in its main components such as carbs, fats, and proteins, but it also includes areas such as water, micro nutrients, enzymes, food additives, flavors, and colors.Conference Series Conferences gaining more Readers and Visitors.Only subsistence farmers, those who survive on what they grow, can be considered outside of the scope of the modern food industry.The marketing effort of food companies focus on products with added value (called as Food Processing).These are foods and beverages with marketable qualities that consumers pay extra for, such as convenience, added dietary nutrients, flavors, textures, colors and even unusual shapes.Delegates will present, discuss, exchange, showcase and network at a global level over three packed days through technical presentations, plenary sessions, workshops, posters, exhibits and one to one discussions.This year agenda of this food science conference will focus mainly on Targeted innovation to nourish the challenging world.Each and every country should have ample food control strategy to make sure that national food supplies are secure with good quality and available sufficiently at affordable cost to ensure a stable nutritional and health status for entire population.

We are looking forward to converge in Paris coming October and take it to the next level to show case a world class Food Technology Conference.This process is to combines raw food ingredients to manufacture marketable food products that can be served to the consumer.You are all to be congratulated on a wonderfully organized conference.The companies offering their services in the market should progress in coordination with the changing food industry trends.The trends of buying groceries and food delivery have transformed profoundly, particularly in the ways famous restaurants and food chains are generating revenue.Bio-fuels versus food production: Does current bio-fuels effects food security and price: Dr.

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That gave France an important role in European and, to some extent world, affairs in the pre-industrial age.This also put a adverse impact on the environment in terms of pollution thereby creating extra burden on economy with clean up strategy.To satisfy the increasing global need of food and its by products, we rely heavily on farming equipment and machinery, the branch of agriculture which specializes in the day by day advancements of farming machinery is called agricultural technology.The services in the food tech market can be availed by the users through websites or mobile applications.

Other than this, a few principles of physics, chemistry, engineering and economics are also integrated in the field of dairy technology.I am confident, that Food Technology 2017 would serve as a catalyst by connecting scientists within and across disciplines under a single roof.Anne Pihlanto, Natural Resources Institute, Finland and our honorable guests Dr.Emre Hastaoglu University Lecturer Cumhuriyet University Turkey.

A healthy diet includes the mode of preparation of food and its storage methods that conserve nutrients from oxidation, heat or leaching, and that reduce risk of food-born diseases.It also strengthens the potential for economic development of a country and the reduction of spoilage and food losses.Failing to which may end up with food born diseases which in worst cast could be fatal.

An preventive example is to stopping the surface browning of freshly cut apples or potatoes using lemon juice or other acidulated water.Several numbers of food items whether in raw form or in processed form comprises food ingredient and their interplay make whole food items.Legal representative those who practice food law make possible the operations of the food industry by recommending clients about topics such as regulatory compliance, intellectual property, and trade.