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The prime age cohort is the most important age group for GDP growth. The U.S. population pyramids show decades of stable prime age population.A positive futuristic mystery written by Zev Paiss set in the years 2020 and 2060. Visit our.But geographic and educational mobility are constrained by declining wages and a lack of affordable housing, child care and college tuition.

Immigration is helping us to do that, by bringing economic growth to aging neighborhoods currently dominated by poor whites and African Americans.Will President-elect Donald Trump embrace this conservative vision or chart a more centrist path.

There is great speculation as to whether the church in North America will continue to decline and.While black-white intermarriage is also becoming more common, historically, the category of whiteness has not expanded to include the children of one white and one black parent.

In the year 2048 scientists have created bumans, human-ape chimeras, to do dangerous work such.The electoral map that emerged on Nov. 8 looked like a sea of red speckled with islands of blue.

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According to a survey of Houstonians conducted by Klineberg and colleagues, only about 20 percent of area residents believe undocumented immigration is a major problem, down from 50 percent in 2000.People with Asian and Latino heritage could one day be receptive to conservative political appeals that are currently attractive mostly to mono-racial whites.This sorting means fewer of us come into sustained daily contact with those with whom we disagree.

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We decided to find out, sketching a picture of the nation by talking to a range of demographers who specialize in tracking and analyzing American population shifts.

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Asian Americans, foreign-born Americans, and those who identify as multiracial will all make up a larger share of the country, while the black population will hold steady.

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He later earned an MBA and today is the founder and owner of mQrg, which supplies auto parts to companies like Fiat Chrysler and BMW.Already, 16 percent of Hispanics nationwide consider themselves white, according to the U.S Census. Whiteness is an inherently flexible category.The modern aircraft carrier is a global symbol of American dominance, hegemony, peace, even empire. The system is needed for the future,.

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Book digitized by Google from the library of the New York Public Library and uploaded to the Internet Archive by user tpb.Some voters idealized a picture they grew up with, in which culture and politics were dominated by a white Christian majority.In 23 states, schools that serve affluent children, who tend to live in the suburbs, are funded at higher rates than urban schools that serve poor kids.FOR all of the attention showered on hipster enclaves like Williamsburg, Brooklyn and Portland, Ore., America is only in the beginning stages of a historic.

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North Carolina is a right-to-work state where it is difficult to form a union, making it attractive to industrial employers.The demand for nurses and home health aides will continue to grow.The series also is a story of conflict, with Native American.

But if there are communities that have experienced population decline for a long time and have consolidated schools, the Latinos put strain on local resources to revamp those school systems.For an America concerned about divisions, making spatial mobility easier, through efforts to construct more affordable housing, could help decrease inequality and political sorting.

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America The Story of Us is an epic 12-hour television event that tells the extraordinary story of how America was invented.CHOOSING OUR FUTURE A Story of Opportunity in America Irwin Kirsch, ETS Henry Braun, Boston College Mary Louise Lennon, ETS Anita Sands, ETS.One way to ease political polarization could be to uncluster ourselves spatially.First responders from earlier in the week also told a story of face-to-face,.

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Yet because of zoning restrictions that severely limit the supply of affordable housing, there are a very limited number of communities with good schools and jobs where it is possible for poor families to move.Like lots of other Houstonians, he is a transplant from the Northeast.

Most of these new Americans will have roots in Latin America, Asia and Africa.The big trend lines in our population are powerful and hard to budge.

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Will the cities that have recently exploded in population, mostly in the Sun Belt, remain economically vibrant, or will new growth cities emerge, in other parts of the country.See latest Americas Footprints news and how it competes against competitor Everlasting Footprint and other companies in its sector: Americas Footprints posted a video.Becoming an American in the Age of Trump Share on Facebook Tweet this Story.This is the story in the lumber trade that echoes over centuries, from India to the Americas. The future of softwoods.It is partially in the year 2020, and also forty years later in the year 2060.Feelings about the poor and Muslim-Americans seem to be more complicated.