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Please check back to see if Vodafone Group plc has upgraded their profile page to allow their financial.Municipalities have great power in the example they can set for sustainable business, and the policy frameworks they can promote.

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The PDF is fairly stuffed with data, while the online report offers a wealth of additional information in areas you may with to know more about.

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I look for whether the company identified impacts rather than just presenting a shopping list of activities.Email address Weekly Mailing List Daily Mailing List Submit Ready to comment.This is by far the most difficult thing for companies to address and very few, if any, do it well.

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In addition to the four Net Positive pillars, Kingfisher has set targets in three additional areas: employees, suppliers and partners and environment.

This sustainability report documents the activities of the REHAU Group in the years 2013 and 2014.The Net Positive approach of Kingfisher has all the ingredients of a smart way forward: clarity, focus, branded promise, action-orientation and consistency of communication.

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Sustainability Services for our Connected Women Report, published in March 2014 3.

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We offer branded content, twitter chats, event promotion, custom content channels and more.This Sustainability Report and. than in 2014, and indeed. politically complex regions and technically BP Sustainability Report 2015 % BP Sustainability Report.An event series whose mission it is to bring together companies from around the world to discuss climate change and how they can work together to address it most impactfully.This report covers the period from January 1 to December 31, 2013.

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In any event, this is always a post I find both challenging and fun all at the same time.

Read more in the online content. shareholders, and for 2014,.

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JLL is pleased to launch our sixth Global Sustainability Report which summarizes our sustainability performance for the 2014 calendar year.

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FootprintsVodafone India Sustainability Report 2013-14. Vodafone India Sustainability Report 2013-14 03.Sponsored by WGL Energy Net Impact 2017 Path to Purpose - The Annual Net Impact Conference guides attendees to their career with impact.A supplier eco-system chart helps understanding of the complex interfaces and partnerships needs to maintain sustainable operations, and the employee engagement section is a refreshing look at how this company supports and empowers employees.The absence of a statement about materiality in this report, despite the fact that the report assurance statement explicitly states that adherence to the materiality principle was assured, is rather irksome, but nonetheless, I feel that the work PUMA is doing and the clarity of its reporting is worth a Top Ten listing this year.Despite covering a lot of ground, this report is succinct and makes for both an informative and interesting read.Authenticity for me includes balance, accuracy and completeness.

I look for whether the company has clearly defined the most important issues for the company and its stakeholders and described the way in which those issues have been identified and prioritized.

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While there is no specific materiality matrix, strategic priorities with goals to 2015 are presented together with progress made in 2012 in all four areas.

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The NGK Spark Plug company celebrates this modest little electronic component in a respectful and comprehensive way, presenting its 10 year plan to become a distinguished, highly profitable, and progressive manufacturing company.

Sustainability Report 2013. to 2013 Exame Sustainability Guide.It explains how we sought to meet our economic, social and environ-.al mansour holding company for financial investments sustainability report 2013-2014.We are committed to promoting positive social and economic development across our markets.William Hughes, a modest Kenyan-born businessman profiled by Marc Gunther in 2010.